How Nutshell Accounting Works

How do we manage to get your work done for you so quickly? It's easy, we are just focused!
We know from experience, how to account for all of your business transactions. Once we get your accounting system set up, we just need your continuous piles of paperwork to process through the system. We support and build the foundation of your business, with these building blocks.

 Once you are signed up, 
we come up with a clear, concise plan with procedures to support your business. 
We share a dropbox file for you to place your paperwork. We set up a customized retrievable filing system to compact your business paperwork into a tidy nutshell.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to set your business up. You will need a good accounting software with a customized chart of accounts. 

For small business easy use, we recommend all versions of Quickbooks.

Every business needs to understand the financial process of their company.

Every business needs to understand their business model, or patterns that help you to know your business from every angle. A good accounting set up helps with the strategic planning for your company. All of the data entry, coding, classing, and uploading is manual work that is done by a person.

Our accounting services are updated daily, weekly or biweekly.

 We also keep in touch with you, sending you reminders so you know what is going on with your business accounting.

Whether you need a small business package, or a full service accounting department, we are here to provide a customizes package to fit your needs.

Information is sent back to you where it is backed-up in your files in a compact digital form.

No more piles of boxes!

We share a dropbox or can use a secure online storage to transport files for your convenience. All of your information can be easily copied to your own servers for added security.

There are many software access options which can be customized to your business needs.

We also use QB Online for those who prefer 24/7 access to their accounting records. 

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