Accounting Packages & Services

While you focus on revenues and productivity, we focus on providing you with the most affordable accounting service to keep overhead low and support the growth of your business. We take all the detailed, busy clutter of paperwork out of your office and streamline everything into an efficient portable digital accounting system.

  • Household & Small Business Package 
The household and small business accounting package is a compact accounting system, digitally organized for your personal household or small business needs.
Monthly Fee $250*
    • We support monthly revenues from $5,000 up to $25,000 on a "cash basis". We book all revenue and expenses, can set up a small bill payment center for your recurring monthly bills. We try to automate much of your recurring transactions making it simple for you. 
    • After we reconcile your bank accounts, we provide a simple monthly Profit and Loss and other financial statements so you know what goes in and out of your household or small business. 
  • Small to Mid-sized Business Accounting Package

This accounting package is a solid "cash basis" accounting system for the small to mid-sized business with average monthly revenues from $25,001 up to $50,000.  For those who want their accounting expedited without the hassle of paperwork and clutter, this is the best business starter package for you.
Monthly Fee starts at $500*
    • We provide all monthly postings for customer deposits, check distributions, bank and creditcard reconciliations.
    • We provide you with monthly Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss financial statement and upnload access to your accounting files. 
  • Accounting Department

We fit your accounting department in a Nutshell. If you are a business that wants to focus on revenues and productivity, love a clean clear office without clutter, we compact your accounting department into a highly efficient accounting system out of your office, but with all the support you will need.
Monthly Fees start at $750*
    • We provide full "cash or accrual" for a growing business with monthly revenues from $50,001 up to $75,000 which includes all accounts receivable, cash receipts, accounts payable, bill payment, check distributions, bank, credit card and loan reconciliations needed to prepare for monthly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss financial statements.

  • Flexible Accounting Systems

When a business goes through changes, they have questions and may need more support to help them make better financial decisions. This flexible accounting package offers additional accounting services for those extra needs. We customize an accounting system for that can work into these changes.
Monthly Fee starting at $1500

Optional Services

  • Bill Payment Center. If you have 100+ bills to pay every month, this is an additional service for you. We handle all of your supplier and vendor bill payments. We provide all data entry for timely accounts payable reports so you can execute timely bill payments for all of your business needs.
  • IRS and State tax filing. Monthly, quarterly and annual filings as needed. No audit services.
  • Job Costing for construction, project managers, or event companies
  • Property Management Reports for real estate investors that need to track numerous properties and rental units
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Please Note* All our packages require that we receive all paperwork necessary to clarify complete accounting transactions for your business- bank statements, credit card statements, asset purchases, mortgage or loan statements, all manual invoices to customers, and supporting vendor invoices and documentation. When a business is equity based, or "deal" oriented, monthly fees will need to be discussed based on servicing your balance sheet.

* If you can't find the right package here, please let us know. We will be happy to support your business with a customized accounting package system for your business.

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