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Accounting in a Nutshell

We work with you to provide an accounting solution that is easy, digital, and automated. 

  • We start with a free consultation and analysis with no obligation. 
  • We find solutions to streamline and customize an accounting process for your business operations 
  • We utilize technology in our services to provide our clients with communication tools so we can work closely together online.  
Business owners and management personnel need timely and accurate financial data in order to make informed business decisions. Nutshell Accounting has developed a systematic process to acccount for your business activity and design reports that provide our clients with the data they need. Once we determine together the type and frequency of reports needed, we can deliver these reports on time, everytime.

All of our accounting is compiled in GAAP- the standard Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, so your CPA will appreciate your financial statements in a form they understand. All data entry for your business is updated daily- Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Receipts, Bank, Creditcard and Loan Reconciliations, General Ledger and Income Statements. We also set-up your Quickbooks program, or can get your backlog of work completed to a current status.

Payroll Services

We customize a full service payroll processing through Quickbooks. Whether your employees are on salary, or use timecards needing job costing, weekly, or bimonthly paychecks, or need direct deposits, we get your paychecks out to your workers, to keep the wheels turning in your business. We can enhance and customize your payroll  to print out labor reports you need. We further automate all payroll activities, tax payments and filings so they are never late. 

Tax Preparation & Filing
Upon requests, we can prepare your business tax filings specific to your industry and file these returns electronically. We also work with your CPA to provide annual corporate, partnership or personal tax returns.

Digital Organization

Digital organization and storage is the most efficient solution to get rid of your piles of paperwork, storage boxes, filing cabinets, that can build up over the years. Once an office is digitally organized, you have the ability to research and retrieve your files when you need them. This creates a more efficient office, where permissions can be given for accessibility as needed. This system also provides a central base of information which can support your staff without interruptions and wastes time, leading to better productivity in the workplace.

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